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 Updated: October 4, 2011

Posted by Bob Sargent on October 4, 2011  •

We are a group of mature professionals who are serious paranormal researchers on our own time. We do not use psychics or a Ouija board; we do use infra-red cameras, digital video recorders, digital cameras, digital tape recorders, thermometers and Electro Magnetic Field detectors in our research

South Shore Ghost Hunters is a dedicated group of professionals established in 2009. We are a non-profit, non-religious, answer seeking paranormal research group just south of Boston, MA. Our team is composed of various aged individuals who have both different views and beliefs regarding the paranormal world. Our members desire to help those who are experiencing unexplained phenomena understand what is happening while simultaneously collecting and analyzing evidence of potential paranormal activity to further our knowledge of the paranormal.

The goal of every SSGH investigation is to either determine whether there is a natural explanation for the phenomena or to actually capture evidence of paranormal activity that may help us determine the reason that the activity is occurring ultimately helping the client resolve their problem.

Check back often as the site continues to grow and get updated...

October 4, 2011  •

After a very difficult year we have just returned from our annual trip to Gettysburg and will be reviewing that for evidence and *finally* work on getting all of our Gettysburg evidence posted. We will also be posting the results of an investigation we did in June of this year as well as the results of an investigation that we will be doing in two weeks.


Check out the additions to our tools page as we have added some interesting new equipment.